The Hypnobirthing course has given me confidence and belief in myself and my body to birth my baby in a calm, stress-free way.

“During the whole of my labour, I felt happy, excited and calm”


Hypnobirthing Mama, Birth Story

Elyse’s calm confident manner and friendly personality made the class so informative and relatable. I hadn’t been sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. As Elyse said, a good mix of mainstream and alternative.


Hypnobirthing Mama, Birth Story

I cannot recommend Elyse highly enough. Throughout my pregnancy she went above and beyond for us. To have such an advocate for a positive birth outcome on our team was wonderful and gave me a lot more confidence than I would not have had otherwise.


Hypnobirthing Mama, Doula Client

My husband and I did a one on one intensive Hypnobirthing class with Elyse. Elyse is amazing, she really took the time to cater for our needs (thank you). We are now confident and cannot wait for our amazing birth experience. Highly recommend.


Hypnobirthing Mama

The content was just what I needed as a birthing mother. I feel empowered and as though we have a large set of ideas and options to use throughout my labour.


Hypnobirthing Mama

The class was an amazing way to find peace with my birthing past, and to have a calm and positive outlook for our future baby’s birth.


Hypnobirthing Mama