Don’t let the name fool you, Hypnobirthing is really just a fancy name for ‘positive birth’. Evidence-based resources and information, tools to help you feel calm and relaxed, traditional wisdom from across the globe, and a whole lot more to give you a diverse range of knowledge and tools to draw upon as you prepare for your incredible birth!

what is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a method of childbirth that focuses on preparing parents for a more positive and calm birth. The ‘hypno’ part of ‘hypnobirthing’ refers to the hypnotherapy that we use during the program to release fears and condition ourselves to release endorphins (natures pain relief!) at times during our birth. I must add, Hypnobirthing is not ‘just’ hypnosis for childbirth (although, that’s a very important part)! The Hypnobirthing Australia™  Positive Birth program uses a combination of different techniques, tools, and philosophies that have existed for many years. Ancient wisdom is combined with modern evidence and theory – giving you the advantage in your acquisition of knowledge as you prepare for your birth.

why hypnobirthing australia?

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program is the most up-to-date, Australian hypnobirth course available and I know that you are going to love it! Hypnobirthing Australia™ provides a uniquely Australian childbirth education course that really puts you in the driver’s seat, rather than feeling like a passenger; this is likely to reduce the need for interventions during your birthing. The course takes the modern Australian Birthing Environment into consideration and helps you work toward a positive birth, no matter how your baby enters the world. It’s also important to know that the techniques are down-to-earth, straightforward and easily learned. Birth is not rocket science! Once we know how our body is designed to work during labour and birth (and you’ll learn this), we can then use tools to best support it (you’ll learn these too!). Classes are structured in such a way that the birth partner is encouraged to attend. The partner’s love and support throughout pregnancy and during birth, provide valuable reassurance and bonding in preparation for the birth of your baby and pending parenthood. Having said this, sometimes there are reasons why the birthing mother needs to do the course solo – and this is also completely fine.


evidence based


down to earth


one-on-one tuition


online options

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Private Positive Birth Course

The flagship Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Course, taught exclusively for you and your birth partner, in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits.


The Hypnobubs® Online Course is a fabulous option that more and more parents are choosing. You can do the course as a standalone, or add on extra one-on-one in person support with me to consolidate your learnings, go through some of the practical techniques, or to ask any extra burning questions you may have. This a very cost effective option giving you lots of bang for your buck. As an extra bonus, you can do the online component in your PJs from your couch!

Positive Caesarean Birth

I am trained to teach the world first Positive Caesarean Birth Course from Hypnobirthing Australia™. Build the knowledge, tools, support team and mindset you need to help you to achieve a very calm and positive cesarean birth experience.

This is a 4 hour private face-to-face class with me in the comfort of your own home. And, yep! We also have an online option for this, too!

Refresher Course

If you’ve undertaken the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth course for a previous birth, this is the course for you! A 3 hour private face-to-face class with me, to get you right back in to that positive and confident mindset ready to birth your next beautiful baby. If it’s been awhile since you attended, you’ll likely learn some new tools that have been added to the course (we are constantly updating to ensure that you receive THE BEST childbirth education in Australia!).